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Handcrafted Premium Hardwood Coasters, Signature Series Desert Sunset, each

Handcrafted Premium Hardwood Coasters, Signature Series Desert Sunset, each

Sold individually. Buy multiple and save! See discount in description.

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  • 3-1/2" Long
  • 3-1/2" Wide
  • 3/8" Thick

Materials / Woods

  • maple
  • walnut
  • cherry
  • sapele

Care Information

How to Care for Wood Furniture & Other Wood Products

Caring for wood furniture and decor is not as hard as you may think. Most of us overthink it! In general, wood furniture only requires light dusting and the occasional wipe with a lightly dampened non-scratch cloth, followed by a wipe with a dry cloth.

My Wood Furniture is Dusty
Dust it with a gentle dust brush or feather duster.

My Wood Furniture is Dirty
Wipe it with a lightly dampened cloth, followed by a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. Repeat as necessary.

My Wood Furniture Has Tough Dirt Caked On
If wiping with a damp cloth isn't enough, you may need to get tough. Try adding a mild dish detergent to the damp cloth to see if that breaks up the dirt.

My Wood Has Scratches or Dings
Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done about scratches in wood finish, without risking further damage. There are DIY sites that will give advice, and you're free to try some of their tips. Another option is to reach out to a professional refinisher who can offer a range of solutions, including a touch-up, or a full sanding and restoration.

When should I use furniture polishes and cleansers?
NEVER! The typical furniture polishes you find at department stores (rhymes with "sledge") can do damage to wood finishes over long periods of use. Most cleaners and polishes have harsh agents that tend to eat at wood finishes and dull their sheen. This is especially true for high-gloss finishes.

Does Holzer Handcrafted refinish wood furniture?
Maybe. Sort of. If it's one of my own pieces, I'll happily take a look, offer advice, and perhaps refinish for you. Mainly because I know how it was built and finished. If it's not one of mine, I'm just not comfortable working on it.

Have Further Questions?
If you ever have questions about how to care for Holzer Handcrafted wood products, please contact us right away!


Experience the passion of quality craftsmanship, the beauty of premium hardwoods, and the feeling of pure luxury! Our Holzer Handcrafted Signature Series "Desert Sunset" Hardwood Coasters are ready to hold your drinks and candles.

Finished with a durable satin clear coat for maximum beauty and protection.


Order as many or as few as you'd like. Automatic discounts apply in your cart when buying more than one! (otherwise, sold as individual coasters)

  • 1 coaster is $6.50
  • 2-3 at $6.00 ea - (set of 2 for $12)
  • 4-7 at $5.00 ea - (set of 4 for $20)
  • 8+ at $4.50 ea - (set of 8 for $36)


Dimensions: 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 3/8"
Materials: maple, cherry, sapele, and black walnut*

* Due to the nature of wood, grain patterns, color tones, and figure will vary.

 ** Mug and candle are for demonstration only - not included. 

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely gorgeous and fantastic customer service

I purchased the large cutting board and 6 pack of matching coasters for my friend's wedding. Not only was Rob able to put their personal hashtag on (which was to long for the website), he did their initials as well. He reached out via email to confirm he received my order and even called to discuss the order. Absolutely wonderful and prompt customer service, I cannot recommend them enough. The cutting board is think and stunning, the coasters are just adorable. If you want to support a small business with quality products this is the place.

It was a pleasure working with you to make the perfect cutting board and coaster gift set. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of it, and for supporting our small business! Come back soon! --Rob